Who is More Blessed than the Least of God’s Chosen Priests?

No one is more blessed than the least of God’s chosen priests! Even the most blessed saint on Earth, who’s been given amazing gifts from Our Lord, is not more blessed than God’s elect—His chosen priesthood (unless, of course, that saint is a priest). The magnificence of the priest is awe inspiring. Look at their blessed hands, which pour forth the Holy Spirit onto the gifts of the altar, and their holy lips, which profess the prayers of consecration necessary for transubstantiation (when God works through the priest to put His actual body and blood into the bread and wine), which miraculously occurs during each and every celebration of the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. How can we look at a priest as being anywhere near equal to us, or speak to them with disrespect?

Holy priests are such a threat to Satan, he will go to no end to attempt to bring down a priest. There needs to be much prayer and understanding for the battle they endure daily. What are we doing to help? We are a holy body of Christ and we are required to provide spiritual support, through prayers, for each other. Such a responsibility we have must not be ignored. The priests need us. God wants to use our prayers to sanctify their souls.

We need priests! With the declining rate of new priests coming into the Church, soon we won’t have enough of them to satisfy the demands for their services. The priests are already feeling burdened with a tremendous workload, since the laborers are so few. Sadly, many young men who have a desire to serve the Lord through the priesthood are not responding to the call. Satan has distracted them with his empty promises of worldly joy, which only lead to sorrow and death. Fortunately, there’s nothing more powerful than prayer, but we actually need to pray—and pray throughout our day—for vocations to the priesthood, and encourage others to do so as well. God will renew a passion in His chosen people.