About – The 3 o’clock Challenge

The "3 o'clock Challenge" is a global prayer campaign to promote daily prayer for 30 seconds at three o'clock, the hour Jesus died, and bring awareness to this Holy Hour. On Friday, April 3, 2015, at three o'clock pm (Good Friday - the day Jesus died), this prayer challenge was launched. Now it is up to you to pray and encourage others to do the same. We need team leaders who will allow God to use them to bring The 3 o'clock Challenge into their church.

  • This campaign can't exist without YOU. It isn't by chance that you are reading this. God brought you here so you can serve Him and bring His children to His Love and Mercy.
    Spread The 3 o'clock Challenge; it is FREE. God will use you to change the world because there is nothing more powerful than prayer, and everyone can do this. Visit Get Involved and watch God use you to transform the lives of His Children.

We are asking EVERYONE to commit to praying to Jesus for 30 seconds daily, at three o'clock pm, and encourage others to do the same. You will witness through your prayers, and God will use you, if you say "Yes, Lord!" There is nothing more powerful than prayer; you can obtain all things, and we can become a nation of prayer, but it starts with you. If you promise to give praise to God at three o'clock pm, but don't encourage others to do the same, then God can't use you to spread this simple way to know and love Him. God will use you to bring daily prayer into the lives of countless other souls; all it takes is your "Yes!" Get Involved!

What We Do

Bring awareness to the hour Jesus died so proper praise my be given to our deserving Savior.

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Why 3 o'clock

According to the Gospel of Mark, 3:00pm is the time Jesus, after suffering immensely, died for our sins.

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Divine Mercy

Devotion Prayed at 3:00pm to obtain grace (gifts) from God's Mercy for complete Trust in Jesus.

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Use Technology for Jesus

Ok, so we live in a world where technology has become our idol; for the most part, many spend more time with their cell phones than they do with God. Well, it is time to live the Gospel and put God first and use that awesome technology for good. The 3 o'clock Challenge created a Free app which will sound an alarm, a notification or vibration at 3:00pm displaying an amazing picture of Jesus with the insignia "Jesus, I Trust in You." (Divine Mercy Jesus) that you can look at Jesus as you pray while a counter counts down for 30 secs. Once you are done praying, the app will keep track of all the times you prayed to inspire you to be faithful and continue to give praise to Jesus daily.

Do We Have 30 Seconds for Jesus?

We live in the world today.
Seeing the pain and sadness.
Lost souls looking for happiness.
This is really madness.

Immorality and addictions are everywhere
From the pain that is with-in
The children are looking for love
When they really need it from Him.

What Him do I speak about?
It is the Him who created us all.
The giver of true love
The one we should be hearing His call.

Yes, Jesus. The Lord of Lords
Is calling us to Him
He will take away the pain
Which leads us to sin.

Do we have 30 seconds for Jesus?
To give Him due praise
He suffered and died for our salvation
He saved us in so many ways.

Yes, we can make a promise!
A promise to abandon the strife.
Give ourselves to Jesus,
The way the truth and the life.

Down load the app.
Set the alarm.
Make a resolution to pray
At the Holy Hour of our day.

Spread, The ”3 o’clock Challenge”
God will make the transformation,
One prayer at a time
Into a Holy nation!





The Logo?

The horizontal line in the Logo symbolizes the straight and narrow path (God's plan for us) which we need to follow for eternal life.
The candle which bears the number 3 on it represents the light of Jesus and the hope for salvation. Of course the 3 represents the hour Christ died.
The crucifix represents the sacrifice Jesus made out of love for us and reminds us how we must pick up our crosses to follow Jesus.


When the 3 o'clock Challenge was Launched?

On April 3, 2015 Good Friday at 3:00pm (the day and hour Jesus died)


God wants to use YOU!

All it takes is one Yes, for a soul to answer God's call, and He will use you to change the world. You can work for Jesus and encourage devotion to Our Lord at the hour He died, and watch God change the world through you. However, if you say "No" to this call, God can't use you. So say "Yes"...Jesus is waiting!


The Greatest Gift of All!

Salvation! God is giving an eternity of happiness to His children for simply believing in Him even though we are deserving of death because of our most grievous sins....Wow! See what the Bible says about the belief that is required for salvation.