Great Ways to Bring Prayer to the Church and Community


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The 3 o’clock Challenge is a global prayer campaign that encourages people to make a commitment to pray for just 30 seconds at three o’clock, the hour Jesus died. It also brings awareness of this holy hour because most people are unaware that Christ died at three o’clock, and our Lord deserves great love and respect at the hour of His death.

We can all do this! Shouldn’t we be doing this already, as 3:00pm has always been the holy hour? We, the faithful and clergy, should be witnessing our faith and the power of prayer by setting an alarm and stopping what ever it is that we are doing to give just a few seconds to Jesus at the hour of His death. He has asked us to do this, and we can do this for God.

There is nothing more powerful than prayer; we can obtain everything from God, and we can become a world of prayer, but it starts with YOU. The 3 o’clock Challenge is offering everyone something we can truly do and remember to do so a relationship with God can develop. We need discipline to remember to pray to our Lord and setting an alarm will provide the assistance we need to make this a reality. God’s children have gone and are still going astray. Without a prayer life, people will have difficulty understanding anything we have to say regarding morality. Therefore pray for others, encourage them to pray for just 30 seconds at the hour of great mercy - three o’clock- and continue to love and support them in their budding prayer life so that God can enlighten and transform them.

It all starts with just 30 seconds for Jesus a day. If you promise to give praise to God at 3 o'clock pm, and encourage others to do the same, then God can use you to spread this simple ministry, and God will change the world through the power of prayer. This sad, confused world will change due to God’s great love for those who trust in Him. All it takes is your "Yes" to bring the new evangelization into the world! Get Involved! God will renew the world through you.

New Evengelization Begins Below -

Bring the People Back to the Faith
Once the world begins to pray, then it will start to change. Everyone can pray for 30 seconds.