Get Involved

Thank you for hearing God's call; time is running out. Billions and billions of God's children are dying and perishing into Hell.

Our Lord wants to use you to save their souls so God's children may live today in joy and have eternal joy with Him.
The ChallengeYour Yes, is all it takes for God to work His miracles through you. It is easy and free to promote The 3 o'clock Challenge.

Fill out the form below, and we will send you business cards you can give to others to get them involved in praying for 30 seconds a day.

The 3 o'clock Challenge will only grow if you are an apostle and share the good news about how making time to pray for just 30 seconds will change your life.

Accept The Challenge

Everyone can pray for just 30 seconds a day. Hand our a business card and spread the word.

All we need to do is make a commitment to pray and encourage others to do the same. Our Lord will use us as His instruments of Love, and God will heal the sick, depressed, lonely, etc. through their prayers.

Once people start praying for just 30 seconds...their love for God will grow and their prayer life will develop, and then God will renew the face of the Earth. The pain that is drowning God's children because of their sin will dissipate, and His children will finally be able to receive grace from our most merciful God to reject the temptations to do evil.

Yes, Lord...I promise to dedicate myself to pray for 30 seconds daily and spread The 3 o'clock Challenge to encourage Your children to give praise to You at the hour of Your death.

Please Fill Out The Form Below to Promote The 3 o'clock Challenge.

Please help our mission by contributing financially towards the spread of The 3 o'clock Challenge. Kindly sacrifice going out to dinner once and donate that $15 - $20 to bring Jesus to others? If you can't contribute financially, that is ok, God will provide another generous soul to contribute in lieu of you. What is most important, is that you are saying yes to serving Our Lord, and spreading The 3 o'clock Challenge. God bless