Make a Promise


Make a Promise

I promise to SET AN ALARM since without an alarm I will surely forget to pray to God for 30 seconds everyday at 3:00pm, the hour Jesus died,
and I wish to receive inspirational emails to encourage me to grow in holiness (happiness).


Remember, we cannot have a true relationship with God without speaking to Him and that is done through prayer.  Prayer might start out as a challenge or even a burden, but keep with it. God wants us to have a relationship with Him. With patience and persistence through constant prayer you will begin to notice grace (gifts) from God and the prayer that used to be difficult, will be a joy. You will then wonder how you ever lived without it. It is through prayer, that we love our Lord and without prayer one can't possibly be living the First and Greatest Commandment which is to Love our Lord our God above all.  We can't love someone we never spend time with...there is always time for God.

Since praying at 3:00 which marks the hour of Jesus' death, a death that brought us the promise of everlasting life, it is His sacrifice that we honor and give thanks for and even a mere 30 seconds each day will bring great joy to God.

So, make the promise.  Accept the challenge. Pray to God for 30 secs. everyday at 3:00pm, the hour Jesus died.