How Can the Mother of God Help Me to Know Jesus?

Holy Mary, the Mother of God, is the favored one of our Lord. God's plan for her existence was to conceive, raise, and love Jesus while bring all of God's children to her Son. There is no other person who is closer to Jesus than Mary. Our Lady is right beside Our Lord in Heaven...loving us and wanting to guide us to her Son. She is our Mother too. Actually, she is our perfect mother. Our earthly mothers, even though they might love us very much, have sin on their souls just as you and I do, so their help is subject to error. However, Mother Mary's assistance is perfect.

Constantly beckon your heavenly mother for help and advice; she is waiting for you to call upon her. Invite her into your life, and she will pray for you and your needs. Just as we ask our neighbor to pray for us, we should go to Mother Mary, who is in Heaven right next to Jesus, and will provided us with her perfect prayers. She will pray for us even when we aren't praying; all you have to do is ask for her assistance.

Throughout history Our Lady (Jesus' mother) has been granted permission from her son to come to our assistance. She has

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