What We Do


We are asking EVERYONE to commit to praying to Jesus for 30 seconds, daily, at 3 o'clock pm and encourage others to do the same. We designed an app. which can be downloaded for free to remind everyone to pray. The app contains a picture of Jesus, an alarm, a thrity second timer, as well as some optional prayers. Then the app records how many times you pray and also tally's that prayer with the countless other prayers being said from other faithful people who are using the app so we can rejoice in the flood of prayers that are being sent to Heaven by looking at the prayer counter on the home page of our web site.

There is nothing more powerful than prayer; you can obtain all things, and we can become a nation of prayer; but it starts with YOU. If you promise to give praise to God at 3 o'clock pm but don't make the time to encourage others to do the same, then God can't use you to spread this amazing, easy way to pray. Souls will be lost. Souls the Lord wants to use you to save. Please Get Involved!

This is what we do.  Now, what will you do?  Will you take the challenge and get involved?  We pray you will!