Why 3 o’clock?

This-is-LOve-webWhy 3 o'clock?

According to the Gospel of Mark, Jesus endured the torment of crucifixion for six hours on Friday (Good Friday) from the third hour (9 am), until his death at the ninth hour (3 pm).  (Mark 15 22-41) Darkness came over all the land at 12 o'clock noon, and then it was over at 3 o'clock. Making 3 o'clock a very holy and somber time of day.

3 o'clock being a great Holy Hour in our Christian faith, a time of pious worship of our Lord was even, before the time of Christ, an hour of worship for the chosen Jewish people. Now, since the savior has come and suffered indescribable emotional and physical anguish, by the hand of the one's He cured of every illness, taught about salvation, and loved perfectly, at the ninth hour (3:00pm), deserves our praise at the moment He died...for us...

We need a Jesus revival. We need to bring Him into the work place especially the church offices, Christian schools and businesses, and into the families, as well as young and old people...EVERYONE needs the peace of Christ, a peace that can only be found through a prayerful relationship with Our Lord. What an impact 30sec. will make! We can give 30 secs. to Jesus everyday to pay Him homage, and He, because of His great mercy, will reward us greatly. Download the Free Prayer App. which will encourage you to praise God for 30 secs. at 3 o'clock, and patiently watch and see the wonders God will do for your life.


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