Inspire the Youth to Pray

Everyone —including the youth—need Daily Prayer in their lives. Many young people want to pray daily, but they simply forget to as they get caught up in all the distractions of the world. The 3 o’clock Challenge can help. Along with using our free alarm prayer app or setting an alarm on their phone to remind them to pray, the youth can take advantage of the following items to help remind them, their friends, and even the world around them that Jesus died at 3:00pm (the holy hour—which is something most people aren’t even aware of). These reminders can be used for inspiration to pray daily at 3:00pm for just 30 seconds, because with prayer God can do everything, and completely transform lives. It all starts with just  30 seconds for Jesus. Everything is possible through prayer.

You can buy our pre-made inspirational pouches or have one custom made for your needs. The gift pouches are filled with great inspirational items for the young people to remind them to pray at 3:00pm. Visit our Store to purchase pre-made pouches or email us for custom build pouches.
Gift pouches can be built with the following
inspirational materials (click the name of the item to view):

Everyone, especially the faithful and the clergy, should be praying at the hour Jesus died (3:00pm).  What a witness that would be! Jesus asked us, through His Divine Mercy messages to Sister Faustina, to pray for at least a “brief moment” at that hour. Everyone should be praying for a minimum of thirty seconds a day, giving praise to Jesus at the hour of His death. We need to encourage the youth to do this, and once they do, God will do everything else; He will heal, guide, and encourage them to live wonderful, happy God-filled lives. These aren’t complicated prayers that fall by the wayside once a distraction comes along, nor are they undisciplined prayers (meaning prayers only done when they’re convenient) for without structure, making time for prayer can easily be forgotten. Even with thirty seconds of prayer, deliberately done at 3:00pm, there needs to be reminders. With an alarm—which is most important—and inspirational materials, the youth can give thirty seconds for Jesus at the hour of great mercy, and God will transform their souls one prayer at a time.

Visit our Store to purchase pre-made pouches or email us for custom built pouches.